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Integrative Sex Therapy

I have always been passionate about the mind body connection.  I became a therapist because I strongly believe that when you help someone change the way they think about something it changes the way they feel about it.  After becoming licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and starting my private practice I had my first child.  I was very excited to become a mother and fully embraced that next chapter.  What I did not expect was such a disconnect from myself as a sexual woman.  I felt shame as a woman and guilty that I was failing my partner.  After I began researching this phenomena I realized how prevalent issues of low desire were for woman, especially new moms and women entering peri-menopause and menopause. I began my quest to bring passion back for women. I have been studying sexuality for the last 12 years and have since earned a PhD in Human Sexuality and developed several workshops aimed at teaching women about their bodies, desire, and pleasure.  As a clinical psychotherapist I take a holistic approach to helping people experience greater sexual health and wellness. In my work with individuals and couples it is my mission to help them experience loving passionate relationships.

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