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Crystal Reiki Healing

Crystal Energy Healing is an alternative healing method I use in combination with Reiki to work with the bodies nature flow of energy.  Each crystal has a different energetic vibration and by placing crystals on different parts of the body you can gently shift the energy. Many people experience relief from physical symptoms and achieve greater emotional balance and well being.  


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Crystal Reiki Healing: Treatments

The crystal reiki session was not only incredibly relaxing and theraputic, but also powerfully informative about my chakras and how I could access more energy flow to those areas that were blocked.  It was a transformative experience for me and one that I cant wait to do again.


The session with Christina was amazing.  I went from feeling really stressed out and tense to being much calmer and present in my body.  My family even noticed the shift after my session.


Crystal Reiki Healing: Testimonials
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